4 Simple Web Design Tips to Boost Website Conversions & Traffic

Below is a list of 4 useful tips for simple web design that can boost your website conversions.

1. Pick the right colors.

When choosing colors for your website, you shouldn’t simply pick your favorite. Rather, you need to consider the emotions each color will convey and if that emotion matches your brand. It's commonly believed that certain colors affect the way we feel about a business, including whether we decide to make a purchase.

The color blue, for example, is thought to evoke feelings of trust, strength, and dependability, which is why companies like Apple, Dell, Hyundai, Ford, and Sykes & Ray Equities (I) use it. On the other hand, companies like Lego, Nintendo, and YouTube chose red because it tends to evoke excitement and youthfulness. 

So consider what your website's colors are conveying to your audience. Do you sell healthy lifestyle products? Then think about choosing green to evoke peacefulness and growth. And also bear in mind that using high-contrasting colors helps the most important elements, like call-to-action buttons, custom tab, stand out.


2. Think about typography. 

Just like colors stir specific emotions in people, so do fonts, so you need to choose typography for your website that represents your brand accurately. For instance, if your business makes hand-made furniture, you might consider choosing a font that tells your audience that reliability and comfort are important to you.

Additionally, creating enough spacing between lines of text will make your content easier for users to read. The magic line-height (the space above and below lines of text) is 150 percent of the font size you’re using.


3. Use negative space. 

Negative space (or whitespace) refers to the space between all of the different elements of your website, such as that between header and content. Lots of negative space on your website is actually a good thing, allowing you to focus on the most important elements -- like an eye-catching main image and call-to-action -- and overall readability. 

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4. Choose an F-Pattern.

The F-Pattern refers to the way our eyes move when we read content online. People typically scan from left to right at the top of the screen, then their move eyes scan further down the page, scanning towards the right again, but less so than they did at the top of the screen. So, the area of the page that gets the least visibility is the bottom-right. This eye movement ultimately resembles an "F or E" shape. When implementing your F-Pattern, put your most important elements and calls-to-action in the areas that will get seen the most. For example, if you put your call-to-action at the top left of your website page, it will stand out to your visitors and get more clicks. 

When designing your company's website, you can’t only think about what your business wants or needs. Rather, you need to think about what’s best for your users these simple design tips to improve the way users consume the information they need most, and an increase in conversions and traffic is sure to follow.


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