Big Data

As one of the prominent Big Data Solutions provider zcodia is functioning as a pioneer in optimizing the growth of your enterprise. We are one of the top big data company offering quality services that are vendor-neutral and tailored to meet the requirements of our users.

Our sole aim is to provide our clients with an improvised ground that yields better accomplishment of strategic goals and milestones. We work towards upliftment of the standard of the routine execution of the business operations of our clients. We make sure their activities are advanced and fulfil the industry standards.


Our Big Data Services

Mentioned ahead is a list of the big data solutions provided by us

  • Big Data Strategy planning
  • Use case formulation and definition
  • Assessment of data
  • Proof of concept
  • Identification of technology
  • Recommendation for Architecture

Our Work Process

Processing of data

Upon collection of data the next step in the queue is to process that data to convert it into a meaningful aspect. The processing of data can be either offline as well as real-time based on the particular requirement of the specimen.

Collection of data

The first and foremost step in the formulation is to identify the data of the enterprise and to finalize upon the most proficient method of collecting the data for future use.

Analysis of data

Analysis of data comprises the usage of modern tools such as data mining, predictive analysis, text analytics, statistical analysis, and numerous other such parameters. We use numerous technologies such as Hadoop, YARN, Hive, Pig and alike to analyze the data.

Execution of data

Our team of experts makes use of numerous frameworks such as Spark, Flink, Tez, Storm and alike to execute the frameworks. We choose one of the various execution frameworks on the basis of the problem in hand and its nature.

Why rely on us

Opting our Big Data Company brings in numerous perks for your business.

  • Our team of professionals is highly experienced in the domain and have successfully produced an array of satisfied clients.
  • A highly skilled team of employees dedicated to the cause of refining your business operations towards modern and smart solutions
  • Low turn around times with better productivity
  • Improvement in the efficiency of your operations
  • Better analysis and utilization of data in hand
  • In-depth analysis of your enterprise data
  • Best quality services @ reasonable prices